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Below are new and relevant state and federal policy we believe affects our membership.  If you know of additional policy and would like to help us raise awareness, we encourage you to reach out to our Committee Chair, Kate Coffman.  As a non-profit organization, the Indiana Association of College Admissions Counseling does not take a formal stance on many of the issues below, but rather, informs and encourages our membership to advocate on their own behalf.

1) The State Board of Education will be meeting on Dec 12th to make final recommendations on the graduation pathways.  To learn more about this meeting and graduation pathways please view

Contact Your Representative

We encourage you to write an original message but can use talking points form the advocacy section on our website.  Make sure to include your return address, email, and phone number so they know you are in their district.  Unless you have permission to do so, you are writing as a private citizen, not on behalf of your school or employer.  You may reference being a member of the Indiana Association of College Admissions Counseling organization.

To Contact Your FEDERAL Representative, click below:

To Contact Your STATE Representative, click below:

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