12-19-19  LGBTQ+ Students and Admission in 2020.  Panelists:  Courtney Johnson & Ryan Collins.  Watch Recording here.

09-12-19  NACAC Conference 101:  What You Need To Know.  Panelists;  Billy Sarge, Emily Carnall.

08-19-19  Teamwork makes the dream work:  Getting involved in your affilliate.  Panelists:  Lani Johnston, Ja'Niah Downing

07-23-19  C'mon Man.  Panelists:  Johnnie Johnson, Chris Reeves.  Watch Recording here.

05-13-19  Assets and Challenges of Rural Students Applying to and Enrolling in College.  Panelist:  Dr. Andrew Moe

04-09-19  Professionalism and Recruitment Ethics.  Panelists:  Allie Kerns, Nancy Gibson, Mona Bowe, Chris Reeves.  Watch Recording Here

03-14-19  Transitions for Youth:  Homelessness and College Access / Success.  Panelists:  Michael Kendall, Susan Tharpe, Karen Bush, Tonya Monnier

02-12-19  Financial Aid 101.  Panelists:  Adam Dilulio - OASFAA President-Elect, Financial Aid Director Tri-C West.  Watch Recording Here

01-24-19  Equity and Inclusion:  Access for First Generation and Students of Color.  Panelist:  Johnnie Johnson.  Watch Recording Here

12-06-18  College Fairs A - Z.  Panelists:  Johanna Hess, Josh Bieck.  Watch Recording Here

10-04-18  Letters of Recommendation:  Best practices in both writing and reading.  Panelists:  Darnell Heywood - Columbus Academy, Tyler Bradshaw - Miami University.  Watch Recording Here

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